Coding Academy

Lake Solutions introduces computer programming (coding) to the school’s extra-curricular, high school students will have the opportunity to learn and compete with the smartest kids in the UK, USA and even in Asia in terms of Science Technology and Mathematics (STEM) education.


Why do I need to teach my students to code ?

The straightforward answer would be because your students need to code, the U.S president Barack Obama said and I quote that he wants to offer “every student the hands on coding and math classes that make them job ready on day one,”

Facebook founder “Mark Zuckerberg”, Twitter founder “Jack Dorsey” and Instagram founder “Kevin Systrom” started programming at very young ages which helped them in becoming successful Internet entrepreneurs. Your students can also build their own Internet empires with our coding curriculum and contemporary industry approach to solving realm problems.

International schools in Nigeria have been implementing this innovative way of developing students coding skills and the school STEM community where students of like minds think about solving real life problems.

We’ve taught students from Day Waterman College, Grange School and the rest. Theses students have their own projects they are working on.

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